Table Olives

Yarrow Park Table Olives are hand-picked and brine-cured, using the traditional method of water, salt and a splash of vinegar. This is a time consuming process, however it ensures a greater depth of flavour and natural colour.

Arbequina – Originally a Spanish variety,  these olives seem particularly well suited to Australian growing conditions. Well known for their lovely buttery flavour, Arbequina table olives have a crisp texture and slightly peppery finish. A fantastic table olive and great garnish to salads and platters.

Kalamata  – are the classic table olive variety and are also fantastic in salads. We pick our olives whilst still green and naturally brine cured, which provides a flavour that can only come from time.

Leccino – A fast-growing olive that makes a delicate style of olive oil and a delectable table olive. It adapts easily to various olive growing environments at Yarrow Park.

Manzanilla – make up the bulk of the olives grown at the Yarrow Park Farm.  They are an extremely fleshy olive with a relatively small pip. They make a great table olive, as well as being very simple to pip and use on pizza, pasta and salads.

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