Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As an award winning Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Riverina (EVOO) grower and producer.  We are proud to bring you direct from the tree to your table.

Packed full of vital, health-giving antioxidant polyphenols. Yarrow Park’s extra virgin olive oil from the Riverina are well rounded and ideal for drizzling over fish. Or mixing into a salad dressing or as a healthy substitute for butter.

Use your extra virgin olive oil with abandon because a good olive oil is not really meant to last more than a few months. So douse it on your veggies, make delicious marinades with it, pair it with fresh lemon or a delicious balsamic vinegar for your salad dressing, and use it as a cooking oil whenever you can

Yarrow Park bottles labeled extra-virgin oil, (a.k.a. EVOO) are the purest form of olive oil. It’s made entirely of natural cold-pressed Australian grown olives in the Riverina. A light or regular olive oil, on the other hand, will include processed oils as well. Those additional processed oils yield an olive oil that lacks the tell-tale flavor and aroma of an EVOO.

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