Manzanilla Table Olives -250 Gram Jar



Our award-winning  Manzanilla Table Olives grown in the Riverina with their stronger flavour they pair well with  your favourite pasta dish , or in a salad or on your favourite pizza. We pick and grade our olives turning Colour to give a rich flavour

If you’re an olive lover but are yet to taste green Manzanilla Olives, we encourage you to try Yarrow Park table olives grown in Coleambally,  Riverina, NSW for yourself  and discover the taste of Australian olives. We have a wide variety of different table olives grown in the Riverina available here.

All our premium table olives are proudly  100% Australian grown and processed in the Riverina, NSW, with no artificial flavours and in natural brine. After long and peaceful 12 months curing in brine ( which provides a flavour that can only come from time), our Kalamata Olives are ready.

These classic table olive variety and are also fantastic in salads. These olives are bursting with flavour. Enjoy on their on or with cheese like a south cape brie as an hors d’oeuvres with a bottle of award winning crisp 2018 Chardonnay , which is the perfect drop to accompany this outstanding olives.

We hand pick the Manzanilla olives at a timing to produce a mixture of ripeness  giving a mixture of  green to full colour

They have a good flesh to pit ratio being a large olive they are easy to deepip for use Tapenade, pizza topping or to add to your favourite pasta dish



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Weight 0.565 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 30 cm